Samreth Pan 8

I received a letter back from San Quentin this week. He’s started by explaining the late reply “Been somewhat procrastinating on doing much of anything but watch television most of the time and listen to the radio”

He’s gone on to say he is happy to hear my relationship is going well. I said in my last letter that we did a date night. Cal picked the film, I picked food.. I really wanted chicken nuggets so that’s how the date ended, SQ has said “Sharing a box of chicken nuggets works just fine, and a movie too! Wonderful date. That’s some of the things I miss, going to the movies. Hopefully soon you and Cal will start going ghost hunting again.” In a previous letter I told San Quentin that I’d tried to persuade Cal to come ghost hunting with me and he’d said I was being mean and can see why he didn’t wanna go.

Also in my last letter I wrote that I’d hit my head, he’s said “How’s your head coming along? I’m sure you’re fine by now and no serious injury I hope!” SQ has mentioned that he’s had a few head injuries of his own as a kid.

He’s briefly written about NASA and new planets being discovered, that he’s not reading any new books lately, SQ has also said he’s glad to hear that I am doing well with my degree.

In my last letter I mentioned Mother’s day was coming up “I did not know Mother’s Day over there is in March. It’s May over here. If you will, tell your mom happy mothers late day for me. My mom passed away when I was young, will always think of her”

He’s written about some of his current favourite songs and lyrics, then signed off saying “Okay Sian, I’ll let you go for now. Don’t want to take up any more of your time. Take care and take it easy and stay safe. And by the way, I’m still waiting for you to hook me up with some more pen friends!”

So genuinely, if anyone reading this is interested in becoming San Quentin’s penpal, please leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch with you. He currently has no visitors, and I am the only person he writes with. It’d be great to get another friend set up for him!



I am still thinking about writing to one more, final, death row inmate. In case anyone was curious, this is the website I use. I’ve always searched by ticking the ‘on death row’ check box, but there are many different options if you want to write to more than just death row inmates.




Slightly off topic from my usual posts, but Ian Brady has died and I thought I’d share a few articles in case anyone was interested. I am no where near talented enough to write my own ‘piece’ on his life, crimes, and death.






Photo Credit: http://crimefeed.com/2016/05/moors-murderer-ian-brady-faking-prison-hunger-strike/


Today’s post delivered a birthday card from Florida. I wasn’t expecting this so it really did make me smile. Judging by the date he’s written on it, I don’t think he would’ve received my letter at that point. So I’ll wait and see if I get a letter back soon, then I’ll reply to say thank you!

Also, sorry for the lack of posting at the moment. I am due letters back from all my penpals but there seems to be a delay with Arizona & San Quentin at the moment.


David James Martin 8

This weekend I had a letter back from Florida, after a few months of missing letters. He’s started with “Hello Girlie! How are you? Well & good, I hope! I’m ok here. I’m watching basketball and writing to you. I was happy to receive your letter. Don’t apologize when it takes time for you to write. Life happens, I know.”

Florida confirmed he got my christmas card, but he hasn’t heard from me since then. He’s also thanked me for the clarification that I wouldn’t just stop writing, and asked that all I do if I have to is write him to let him know. “Most people write for a few months then disappear.”

Florida has also included this.. “I’ve been ok. Not much happens here. I do have a bit of news. I will be getting off Death Row. It could happen this year, but probably next year. My sentence will be changed to a Life Sentence. It’s not a good thing for me, and I’m not happy about it. But there’s nothing I can do.”

He’s gone on to ask about my studies, and congratulated me on my recent grades. He’s also happy about the news my dog is socialising better and made a doggy friend.

In my last letter I asked Florida a few questions, such as does he have any favourite quotes, is he reading anything at the moment? “I have a few favourite quotes ‘You all hate me, but I love you anyway, just to piss you off’ ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ ‘Love your enemies.. it really confuses them’ and ‘Do or do not, there is no try’” With the last question he has said “No, I’m not reading anything. It will be a while before I can buy any books. I’ve been requesting books from the prison library but they never send me what I ask for, and the books they do send aren’t something I care to read.”


Harlem Lewis 3

I received a letter back from Texas a few days ago. He’s started by writing “Hey Sian ^.^ Good to hear from you again!! What have you been up too? Me, I’m just listening to music in my cell whilst I’m writing to you. This really clears my mind.” He’s said he is glad that I understand there may be delays in his replies, as he cannot work on death row it can be hard to get the money to buy the supplies he needs to write and post letters.

He’s asked how is my degree going, is this semester almost over, between a boyfriend, work and a degree, I must be super busy lately. He’s also asked if I have any summer plans.

Texas has asked about the Twenty One Pilots gig, did I get any photos, and that it must’ve been a lot of fun. He’s also found it funny that getting home from the gig became a bit of a nightmare but at least I managed to get home even if it was 2am.

“Oh yeah, thanks for the pictures. I see you and your mom really look alike! I like your hair there, kinda gothic! I see in another picture are you naturally brunette? Do you still have your dog Charlie? I think in one of your letters you said you don’t have him anymore, what happened? Your dogs are funny. Rolo and Mia both look like model dogs, always ready to pose for the camera!”

Texas has said he’s glad my Christmas and New Year were nice, it does seem like ages ago, do you have a new years resolution? He has said the visits with his family are always good and usually last for 2 hours. It was good to see his son but he doesn’t get too much and time always flies by. He’s only allowed one visit a week and he only gets to see his son/family/friends through clear glass, talking on phones. But his visitors are allowed to buy him food from the vending machines so he usually spends visitation stocking up on junk food.

The rest of the letter is answering a few of my questions and asking me a few such as “Are you a morning person or night owl? Do you believe in ghosts?”