Arizona 09.08.2016

Manuel Ovante 3

This is my 3rd letter back from Arizona as well, it arrived earlier this week. I’ve already written out my reply and it’s ready to go on Friday.

Arizona’s letters are a little deeper. We talk about about his daughter who was born after his arrest. He always tells me about her visits, and what she’s been up too. This letter was mainly about a fundraiser the prison held, and his recent loss of privileges. Arizona had a job of cleaning the pod, basic rules are don’t talk to the inmates, and don’t pass to anyone else. He’s been caught breaking these rules a few times but he’s been placed on LOP and fired as the guards caught him handing another inmate a slice of pizza.

He’s written a little about his life before his arrest, he was only 21 when he was incarcerated, but his downfall was getting too caught up in drugs and alcohol.


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