Manuel Ovante 4

Today’s post delivered me a letter back from Arizona. He’s started the letter telling me that the last few weeks the prison have allowed some of the inmates to play basketball together. There are 3 courts and 2 inmates are put in each cage. He’s said it’s nice to come outside into a bigger space but it can be awkward as they’re all used to being alone in their cells.

This letter’s been a little about his upcoming birthday, the change in weather, and how the other guys on the row try and help him out as he’s the youngest. He’s written about his Pitbulls he used to own, peoples perceptions of them, and that he also had a python at one point. He’s written more about his daughter again, hoping she can come to visit for his birthday but shes a 2 hour drive away.

Arizona has updated me on his sisters pregnancy since she was involved in breaking up a fight and got hurt last month. He’s spoken about some cassette tapes, different bands, and different books he’s been reading. Since our last letter he’s had his privileges back as well. He’s mentioned his brother is back in prison recently too on assault charges.

The rest of the letter is about his drug addiction outside of prison, he wonders if he would’ve been a good father given the chance, and has written a little about his lawyer and the trial.

Lastly Arizona has written about his crime, what happened, and how he ended up in prison. It’s a sad ending to an otherwise happy letter.


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