Samreth Pan 7

This is my 7th letter back from San Quentin. The overall theme with this one is much happier than the last few I’ve received, which makes me happy. SQ has started by saying it’s good to hear from me, and “Let me just say I’m truly happy to hear Cal is your boyfriend, I wish you two the very best together and continue to have a healthy relationship. From reading your latest letter, it seems you enjoy his company and most important you seem happy.”

San Quentin has gone on to say that the holidays are over, things are returning to normal “There’s not much to look forward too, except for the bright side is, waiting to get a letter from you. A good feeling to have, knowing I still have a friend as you write me.”

He’s also said it’s good to hear that the area I live in is safe, sounds like there’s nothing but elderly people and cats “The elderly I don’t mind being around because you can learn wisdom from them. Now cats, that’s a whole other thing there. I don’t mind one or two cats. Just no more than that. Rather prefer being around all dogs more than anything.” He’s said he guesses he can feel a little safer knowing that my area is safe when I am out and about, also saying having Rolo with me is definitely safety/protection as well.

In my last letter I told SQ that I had tried to get my boyfriend to go ghost hunting with me in the local grave yard, we didn’t get very far and came home. San Quentin has said “Yeah, you should take it easy on Cal! Ghost hunting in a grave yard is moving fast on him! I don’t blame him for getting freaked out, I think you should do ghost hunting with Rolo for the time being” This did make me laugh as he has completely sided with Cal and probably thinks I am really mean!

He’s written a little about my brothers, saying it’s nice to know we are close and all get along. He’s written about a TV show he’s been watching, and some scary films too. He’s said he enjoyed the latest Jungle Book movie and also likes the Fast and Furious films. SQ has also said he’s glad to hear my degree is going well, and he likes that I update him on my assignments. San Quentin has ended the letter by saying he hopes my blog will find him some new penpals and he likes that I ‘vet’ people before giving any info out. “What’s so touching of you was how you said the penpals need to contact you first before giving my details out to see if they’re genuine. Thank you my friend.”

So if anyone is looking to start a really meaningful connection with San Quentin, please drop me a message! At the moment I am his only penpal, so it would be really nice knowing he’s receiving regular post from another friend too.


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