David James Martin 5

I came home to reply from Florida today. He’s started by asking how I am, has anything made me smile or laugh lately. He’s written that he’s doing better this week than last, he actually received my letter a week ago but wasn’t in the best frame of mind and didn’t want that coming across in his reply.

Florida has gone on to say “I know nothing about cameras, except for how to use them! But I know you do! I was looking at a magazine and on one of the pages there is a bit of info on some cameras and it made me think of you, so I’ll put it with this.”

He’s written more about music, and that he saw Fall Out Boy in concert around 10 years ago. He’s asked about my job, my recent time off, who did i see, what did i get up too? He has asked about my nieces as well, and written about a dog he used to own.

In my last letter I wrote about my fear of spiders, he finds that funny and has drawn a huge spider. He’s asked about the podcast I went to in London, and thanked me for the photos of Rolo from last time. He’s also shared a poem about losing a pet. I also sent photos of my bunnies last time and he’s asked “Do you ever let them run around the yard? Or in your house? Do you want more, or is two enough?”

Florida has gone on to talk about the food, and has offered to send me a menu. He’s written that his mum sends him money when she can, and it’s enough to get him by.

Last time I asked about his relationship with his dad and Florida has gone on to say that he’s not sure why his dad treats him how he does. He’s written about his dreams recently, and then answered the questions I asked about the holidays, visits and his neighbours.

Florida has ended the letter asking about my Halloween plans, and saying he looks forward to my response.


2 thoughts on “22.10.2016

  1. His mum buys food for him when she visits every Sunday. She can’t do much. His wife lives in another country and can’t visit often but she tries to improve his life there by sending money every month, buying stamps, ordering packages… everything he needs.


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