Samreth Pan 5

This is my 5th letter back from San Quentin. He’s started by apologising for the late reply, he’s been caught up in a few TV shows.

He’s continued writing about the seasons and how Autumn always becomes a time of reflection for him. He has a lot of memories of watching the leaves change colour and fall off the trees, wondering how far they’ll travel.

He’s written about my little brother again, saying that he is lucky to have a family that change his bed sheets and tidy his room before he comes home at the weekend  “It’s one of the best things about being the youngest sibling”

San Quentin has written more about films, saying he thinks The Exorcist is one of the scariest he’s seen, and he’d love to see it again. He’s also reminded me of a saying, that dogs can see more than humans, because I told him that it freaks me out when Rolo starts barking at nothing in the dark.

He’s written that he doesn’t know many songs by Fall Out Boy, but he does like a few of Adele’s also saying “She’s a nice personality, at least from what I’ve seen of her in talk shows and all.”

In my last letter I asked why he doesn’t want to write to men, he’s said “Reason I’m not interested in writing guys is because I’m not interested in guys! I see guys every day as it is in here. And yes you’re the only female penpal that I’ve been consistently corresponding with, this long, so far. “

He’s then gone on to answer some questions I asked last time “We don’t get cell mates on death row, I do have neighbours next door to me. I can say I am friendly with all my neighbours. I wouldn’t mind having more penpals, and no I have not had any visits from anyone in a long time.!


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