David James Martin 6

I received my 6th letter from Florida today. He’s started by congratulating me on my recent grade for an assignment, saying he would say he’s surprised but he knew I would do well.

He’s written that receiving my letters always make him smile, and as I said I would like to receive more drawings he has made a bookmark for me from the photos of my dogs I’ve sent previously. It was supposed to be sent as a Christmas present but he’s sent it early.

In my last letter I mentioned this blog, and he’s responded asking what sort of questions do I get asked, how many followers do I have, and has asked me to post something he sent me with his first letter called “A Day Of My Life”. He’s offered to draw some more pictures too.

Florida has asked about the Twenty One Pilots gig, did I get any photos, how was it? He’s also told me that his favourite band have released a new album which was a nice surprise for him.

I wrote about seeing The Last Podcast On The Left live in London, I told him that I forgot how to talk when I met Ben after the show. He’s said “I laughed when I read that you forgot your words when you met Ben! You poor girl! Surely it wasn’t that bad?” He’s asked about the book I got signed and if I would go again.

Florida has also included a food menu and highlighted the things he usually eats, he’s added “But keep in mind, the food sounds good but is really disgusting!”

I sent a magazine article about superstitions and psychology last time, Florida has explained his own superstitions and asked if I have any.

He’s written some more about his dreams, his mum, what he’s reading at the moment and thanked me for the photos again.


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