Manuel Ovante 6

I received my 6th letter back from Arizona today. He’s started by saying “Dear Sian, Hello again! I just received your letter and it was good to hear from you. The prison is always messing with our mail here. So it’s difficult to know whether someone stopped writing, or if the prison ‘lost’ our letters. Maybe they think we’re writing in code or something 🙂 At least it wasn’t something stupid I said (or wrote, I should say)”

Arizona has gone on to say he is glad that through therapy I have my PTSD under control, he’s said sometimes he feels a bit Jekyll & Hyde himself, that the drugs he used to take brought out a darkness in him that made him impulsive and psychotic. He says he still feels this somewhere but since being sober it isn’t so bad. They don’t offer therapy on death row and he has said he’s seen a lot of people go crazy from being locked up for years.

Around his birthday Arizona had a visit from his daughter, but he hasn’t seen her since November. He’s written a little about how his sister is doing, and said his brother is still “being an idiot” He’s also written that he’s glad my christmas and new year went well, did I get up too much for Valentines Day. He had a visit from his 2 attorney’s and mitigation specialist, regarding the possibility of being eligible for a retrial, or resentencing.  Arizona said they seem optimistic but he’s hoping for a retrial at the very least.

He’s asked if my boyfriend is aware that I write to him, saying “By the way, does your boyfriend know you’re writing to me? If so, how does he feel about it? I’ve always been curious about what family and friends thought about a loved one writing to a convicted murderer on death row. Don’t worry, you can be brutally honest without having to worry about offending me :)” The next part of this letter really concerned me and has made me feel justified in keeping the inmates I write with anonymous and not posting their address/names all over my blog… “I’ve had complete strangers write hate filled letters through out the years. Just saying things like “you’re a piece of shit, you deserve to suffer and die for what you’ve done” Sorry for the potty mouth. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don’t bother responding to those letters.”  It makes me wonder how my letters can potentially go ‘missing’ and those can be delivered. I feel if their post is proof read, maybe those letters shouldn’t be handed over.

Arizona has then gone onto ask about my boyfriend, saying he hopes it all works out and asked what is the worst chat up line someone has used on a dating site “I came across one I liked in a magazine .. Do you believe in love at first sight, or shall I walk by again? A friend of mine has ones women can use on men, and I thought they were funny, If you like I can share them with you next time.”

The letter has ended by Arizona asking about a podcast I listen too, thanking me for the photos of Rolo and letting me know that my christmas card I sent didn’t reach him either.


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