Harlem Lewis 1

Today I received a letter from a new inmate. I recently wrote to someone in Texas. I now in total write to 4 death row inmates.

Anyway, this letter started by saying how happy he is to create a new friendship, learn more about me, and receive more photos of my dogs etc. He’s explained what Texas was like to grow up in, how busy it can be, and asked a lot of questions about where I live, what’s it like, when’s my birthday etc.

Texas has asked about my dogs, written about the ones he used to own. He’s asked about my degree, and my job. He’s also written about his own interests outside of prison and the degree he had planned to study.

He’s written about his taste in books, and movies, a little about the music he likes too. Then he’s gone on to write about how difficult it is to go from being a guy working full time, earning his own money, to being in prison and struggling to get money together for simple things. Luckily he has a few friends and family that help him out.

The letter has ended with Texas asking about my family, and writing about his siblings, and his son. He’s thanked me for my letter, and written that he’s looking forward to the next one and ‘PS – oh yeah I hope you have fun seeing Twenty One Pilots! Try take pictures there and send me some .. It will be like I was there :D’


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