I came home to my fourth letter from Florida today. He’s also included an article “I found a small article in a science magazine, talking about a space probe that reached Jupiter on July 4th It made me think of you, so I’m sending it with this.”

He’s also written about the bad weather there recently, hurricanes and storms, saying that Autumn needs to hurry up. In my last letter I mentioned spending time with both my nieces, he’s asked a lot of questions, how much do I see them, practice makes perfect in case I change my mind about not wanting my own.

Through out his letter he’s included what song’s he’s listening too, it ranges from Linkin Park, All That Remains and Taylor Swift.

Again, my degree has come up. Florida has asked if my study materials arriving made me feel less panicked or more panicked. He’s written more about parallel universes, piercings, tattoos, and my Zoo trip last month.

Near the bottom of the letter he’s answered a few questions I asked last time, One was “You talk alot about your mum, but what about your dad?” His answer is quite sad “My dad hasn’t been much a part of my life. He rarely writes me and I’ve seen him once since I’ve been here, even though he lives about 30 minutes away”  I asked about his dreams, where does he keep his letters, belief in aliens, and about life before his arrest.

There’s also a few questions he’s asked me “What’s to the left of you? What animal would you pick to tame, and why? If you could have anything invented for you, what and why? Can you bake oatmeal and raisin cookies?”


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