Samreth Pan 4

I received a reply from San Quentin today. He’s started off saying thank you for the photos I sent last time, it’s nice to put a face to the letter. I sent a photo of Rolo last time wearing sunglasses as well and he’s said that made him smile.

He’s gone on to write about the seasons changing and also saying he’s happy that my younger brother has settled in at uni. In his last letter San Quentin expressed concern that with my own degree starting, I might not have time to do these letters anymore. I explained that wouldn’t happen, he’s replied saying “I’m going to have to hold you up to being in this for the long haul. Most people say it all the time and eventually fall off sooner than expected. Which I can totally understand ‘cause life in the outside world can be time consuming. But so far I have to give you a lot of credit for taking the time to write back. I appreciate your friendship, it’s something nice to know that there’s still true friendship to be found and that’s a lot to look forward to and worth the while to invest in.”

San Quentin has asked previously if I write to other inmates, and I’ve explained I write with 2 other death row prisoners, and I asked if he has many penpals. He’s written that he’s had some before but they drop out, and at the moment I am the only regular penpal he has.

He’s written a little about horror films, and how he remembers the first time he watched The Exorcist, asked about my weekend with a friend, and written about the dog he used to own. In my last letter I asked if he could be a fly on someones wall, who’s. He’s said he’d like to be a fly on Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt’s wall at the moment.


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