Samreth Pan 3

Today I received my third letter from San Quentin. There seems to have been a delay with my letter arriving to him. This letter was about myself starting University, SQ was saying it’s an interesting subject, I have the upper hand as I’ve already been studying and learning in my spare time. He seems fairly confident I’ll do well! He’s also mentioned that with my degree starting I may not have time to write my letters (I’ll always make time, I didn’t start writing to these men to just drop them)

He’s also mentioned life before his arrest and says he tries to to think about the positives rather than his mistakes “Being chained up and locked up is way too miserable as it is” We’ve touched upon religion, life after death, ghosts, spirits, mediums. All sorts. He’s written about my parents dogs birthday, asked if I got her anything, has shared a few stories about the dogs he used to own. In my last letter I mentioned that people are super curious about the letters I receive, he’s replied saying it’s probably with good intentions and asked if the other prisoners I write with are on death row too.


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