Harlem Lewis 2

I’ve received my second letter back from Texas today. He’s started by asking how is everything, and hopes this letter puts a smile on my face. He’s apologised for the late reply and explained that it can be tough getting the money together for stationary and postage as he’s not allowed to work on death row. Friends and family do help him out when they can.

Texas has asked about the Twenty One Pilots gig, how was Christmas, how was New Years Eve. I sent him a Christmas card, and he’s mentioned that it didn’t arrive. He’s said that his Christmas was alright as his mum got a chance to visit.

He’s also asked how’s my degree going, is this semester almost over. Then he’s gone on to say “Time does really fly, soon it’ll be 2018, I’ve been locked up for over 4 years now! Seems like it’s been longer though.”

He’s written that he’s been keeping busy, just to get through the days, apologised again for the late reply and said he really does want to get to know me.

At the end of his letter he has included a song of the day again, this time it’s “Still Breathing – Green Day”


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