Samreth Pan 6

This is my 6th letter back from San Quentin. He’s started by saying thanks for the Christmas card, it arrived around the holidays. He’s written about his feelings towards Christmas and New Years, explaining that he really enjoys this time of year. People seem friendlier, and treat others better. He has explained his NY tradition, since coming to prison he stays up late watching the ball drop in New York Times Square on his television, and watches all the live performances.

In my last letter I mentioned walking my dog one night, and it was pretty dark, heard a horse neighing but couldn’t see one due to the darkness.. SQ has said “I was a little uneasy when you told me about walking Rolo out in the cold dark night without any other supervision along side. I can only hope the neighbourhood area you live in is pretty safe!” He’s also said if he encountered a ghost horse he wouldn’t be sticking around.

He mentioned Adele in his last letter too, he’s continued saying he likes her accent, and the British accent in general. He’s written about my New Years resolution for last year, saying it must’ve been an amazing experience to see 4 of my favourite bands in concert, the atmosphere must’ve been intense. He’s said he has never been to a concert before, the closest he’s been is watching on TV.

On the note of TV, he has written that he hasn’t watched much lately as it’s been football season. He’s been keeping up with the news as always but will get back to his sitcoms as usual now.

In my last letter I explained about this blog, and asked if he’s happy for me to continue posting. SQ has said he trusts me to keep the personal stuff aside and judge what’s appropriate. He’s said that so much has changed in the last 20 years, he’s fascinated by how far technology has come. I explained that I don’t share private info and names are kept anonymous, he’s replied “With that in mind, I wanted to ask you, why not post my name and address as well? That way I may find some more friends to penpal with” His reaction is similar to Florida’s.

That’s pretty much the end of the letter. So if anyone is genuinely interested in writing with SQ, based on the info I share, send me a message? I’d appreciate people asking that aren’t gonna send one or two letters and drop out though. Thanks! 🙂


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