David James Martin 8

This weekend I had a letter back from Florida, after a few months of missing letters. He’s started with “Hello Girlie! How are you? Well & good, I hope! I’m ok here. I’m watching basketball and writing to you. I was happy to receive your letter. Don’t apologize when it takes time for you to write. Life happens, I know.”

Florida confirmed he got my christmas card, but he hasn’t heard from me since then. He’s also thanked me for the clarification that I wouldn’t just stop writing, and asked that all I do if I have to is write him to let him know. “Most people write for a few months then disappear.”

Florida has also included this.. “I’ve been ok. Not much happens here. I do have a bit of news. I will be getting off Death Row. It could happen this year, but probably next year. My sentence will be changed to a Life Sentence. It’s not a good thing for me, and I’m not happy about it. But there’s nothing I can do.”

He’s gone on to ask about my studies, and congratulated me on my recent grades. He’s also happy about the news my dog is socialising better and made a doggy friend.

In my last letter I asked Florida a few questions, such as does he have any favourite quotes, is he reading anything at the moment? “I have a few favourite quotes ‘You all hate me, but I love you anyway, just to piss you off’ ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ ‘Love your enemies.. it really confuses them’ and ‘Do or do not, there is no try’” With the last question he has said “No, I’m not reading anything. It will be a while before I can buy any books. I’ve been requesting books from the prison library but they never send me what I ask for, and the books they do send aren’t something I care to read.”


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