Manuel Ovante 5

I received a letter back from Arizona today, I haven’t heard from him since September so I sent another letter recently just letting him know I was still around in case my letter hadn’t made it to him. He’s written “Hey, I haven’t heard from you in months and was really surprised to receive a letter from you last month. I assumed you didn’t want to write anymore, but the prison messes with our mail a lot. In the years since I’ve been here, someone will write a few times.. then I’ll never hear from them again. That’s what I assumed had happened. Thank you for writing”

He has gone on to tell me about his daughter coming to visit the day after his birthday, his sister has recently had surgery so she has been unable to make the drive down to see him. Arizona has written about Christmas, glad mine went well, and told me that he stayed up ‘till 12am on NYE watching the firework display on TV.

In my last letter I mentioned to Arizona that I had actually begun dating, and taking it a bit more seriously.. He’s written that he’s glad I’ve met someone, asked how we met, and told me how he and his daughters mum met.

He’s written more about the basketball courts they’re allowed out in once a week, and saying that the privileges on the row might be changing, meaning he will be able to hold his daughter for the first time in years..

Arizona has finished the letter by saying “So it was really good to hear from you, and I look forward to hearing from you again.” he’s also thanked me for the photos I sent last time.


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